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The Message and The Messenger

“It should be mandated that every minister is thoroughly equipped to properly handle the Word of God. One of the ways to equip oneself is to have the proper homiletical training. In this modern age that we live in there is no excuse for a minster to be homiletically unprepared. In this new book, The Message and the Messenger by Dr. Tony V. Lewis, we all find an adequate resource to help us in our homiletical preparation.

I highly recommend this book to seasoned veterans and to newcomers that are just entering the ministry. This book will help you grasp the concepts of homiletics and hermeneutics, so that you can enter the pulpit with heavenly power. In the past few years I have come to realize that helping ministers is one of Dr. Tony V. Lewis’s greatest desires, and in designing this book, he has knocked a grand slam when it comes to a book on sermon design and development.”

Dr. Donald Cantrell
Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church
Adjunct Professor Christian Bible Institute & Seminary

“Dr. Tony V. Lewis has passionately put forth an insightful and helpful work on the eternal task of preaching. He unapologetically challenges the reader to embrace preaching as a supernatural event where God uses him to speak to his people. The reader will be blessed with both information and inspiration for the call to faithful proclamation.”

F.B. Brown, Jr.
E.L. Mays Assistant Professor of Expository
Preaching & Biblical Teaching
College of Biblical Studies-Houston

“Dr. Lewis has put together an excellent primer on preaching, fit to help every young preacher master the fundamentals of homiletics.”

Dr. J.R. Miller
Professor at Southern California Seminary

The Message and The Messenger is a powerful resource for pastors and leaders who desire to be more effective in their perspective roles. Dr. Tony V. Lewis has provided this powerful ministry tool that encourages spiritual to demonstrate honest and ethical behavior. From pulpit etiquette to ministerial ethics to sermon preparation, this book is essential for any Christian leader who desires to demonstrate excellence in all that God has assigned them to do. This book is such a valuable tool that I will be utilizing The Message and The Messenger in our Pastoral Ministry course at Victorious Living Bible Institute. I encourage you to invest.”

Dr. Renae Sellers
President at Victorious Living Bible Institute

The Message and The Messenger is required reading for anyone seeking the will of God in their sermons and overall ability to teach God’s people. It crosses over denominational and cultural lines to masterfully outline the complete process of teaching the Word of God. Preparation is always a major key to success, the fivefold steps of preparational prayer given by Dr. Lewis will increase the anointing and effectiveness of all preachers regardless of their experience.

The practical lessons from each chapter will help anyone improve their sermon creation and delivery . Dr. Lewis has answered all the questions concerning how to prepare and deliver a proper sermon in The Message and The Messenger.

This is a great book Dr. Lewis has written. Many years ago, I bought several books on this subject and never really connected with any of them. This book answered all of my questions. This will bless people for many years to come. I sincerely hope you continue advertise this book as it is absolutely worth the effort to get this great message out. “

Dr. Shawn P. Kirk

The Wife He Wants

“Storms arise in every marriage and they need practical wisdom to navigate when the winds blow and the seas are rough. In The Wife He Wants, Dr. Lewis has offered very simple yet practical help for hurting marriages. You can salvage the most turbulent marriage if you read this book and apply it. If you are single and aspiring to be married, this is a must read so that you are clear about the expectations God has for your married life. Marriage was designed to be fulfilling and returning to Biblical principles will do that.”

Trevon Gross, Lead Pastor,
Hope Cathedral, Jackson, NJ

“The Wife He Wants, What A Godly Man Seeks In A Wife by Dr. Tony V. Lewis, wow, what an amazing book. As my wife and I read each page, it was like taking a journey that opened our eyes as well as our outlook. True, there’s no set format on marriage, but there is the correct way to love her. Because the man is the priest of the house, it doesn’t always suggest that priestly decisions are made, unless he knows the way God says to love. He that findeth a wife finds a good thing, which suggests that she’s only a good thing as he finds her by staying in His will. This book is necessary for every couple to read as it successfully captures the truth of what we prefer to keep hidden, diving into the desires of a man while clarifying what he seeks in a virtuous woman. Transparency at its best. This book is truly a must-read! We will be using this book to counsel couples.”

Pastor Nick and Dr. Rhonda Travitt
Restoring The Years Global Ministries

“The “Wife He Wants”, is an absolute must read for any couple that’s serious about the success of their marriage. In an age where relationships are fooled into operating under the umbrella of their representative, rather than their real selves. Dr. Lewis has so practically placed principles in this marriage manual of sorts, that will prime the driest relationship to a place of restoration, refreshing and renewal. If it’s to be done, it must be done together!”

Dr. J. Wesley Boyd, Lead Pastor,
Tabernacle of Deliverance Worship Center, Houston, TX

“Dr. Tony V. Lewis has his finger on the Pulse of Love. The chapter titles alone speak loud volumes to the Church that’s often hush-hush, as it relates to the reality of sensuality in spirituality. His penning is that of a prophetic teacher and a teaching prophet. Scholarism encased in Exceptionalism. His words burn. One’s heart turns. First, toward God. Then, to the Companion, whose the gift of God. Surely, this is a Man’s perspective. But, the Woman is educated. Both are benefited. He, understands himself. She comprehends him. Better the pulpit, than the streets, to teach “WOMEN OF VIRTUE”, that Marital Bliss, is more than, “Between The Sheets.” I highly recommend this God-Sent-Pen. I know the Author. I know the purity and profundity of his POWERFUL, PRECISE, TEACHING. You will thank God, you were blessed to meditate upon this motivation. He makes it plain: “A Godly Man Seeks a Spirit, Soul, and Body Mate”, not a Life-long Checkmate. Thank you Man of God, Dr. Tony V. Lewis. Transformative is the Word. Translational is the Verb. “

Bishop Dr. Brian Keith Williams
The Floating Church Dock, Inc., Orlando, FL

“Dr. Tony V. Lewis, has broken through with insight and truths concerning the wedded covenant. I, believe this book speaks to the, “Culture of Marriage”, presenting a challenge for the man & woman to look deeper within themselves, unlocking depths of love and intimacy that will indeed keep the fire burning for one another. This book is, “The Power of Love!”

Kirby D. Gant
Influencers Church, Sr. Pastor

“I received the book “The Wife He Wants: What A Godly Man Seeks in a Wife.” Thanks to @drtvlewis for sending this great gift! This book is for both men & women to read. Be sure to visit his online store and get a copy for yourself!”

Dominique Barlow

“As the Chairperson’s for our Couples Ministry at Ray of Hope Christian Church, we reached out to Dr. Lewis about his book “The Wife He Wants” for our couples library. After posting several excerpts from the book on social media our friends began asking how to get a copy. The book is very direct and eye-opening. Each chapter ends with a prayer for inspiration. We highly recommend this book for all married and single females. Thanks Dr. Lewis for pointing out realities we may have ignored, but will enhance our relationships if implemented!”

Joyce Jeanette Auld
Ray of Hope Christian Church

“Thank you first and foremost for blessing the Ray of Hope Christian Church (Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Hale, Senior Pastor) Couples Ministry with a copy of “The Wife He Wants” book and workbook for our ministry library. In a society that is seeking quick fixes and often lacks the patience to study and put in the work for Godly marriages, your book provides a lot of clarity. As well as requiring the female reader to be honest about our actions. Many of us as African-American females have adopted and implemented unhealthy relationship practices that have been observed and passed down through generations. With the absence of many fathers in our homes, we grew up with no clear direction as to what a Godly man seeks in a wife. The Wife He Wants, is a tool available now to help us.

Often in our circle of friends, the topic of submission is discussed. And as you state in the book Ephesians 5:22-26 has been misinterpreted, misapplied, and misused. This chapter offers a clear understanding of the responsibility for both the husband and the wife – to be submissive. So, thank you!

Each chapter in the book provokes discussion and requires the female reader to assess her perspective and to take a close inventory of whether we are prepared to be the Godly woman the Godly man seeks.”

Joyce Jeanette Auld
Ray of Hope Christian Church

All Books

“Friends I encourage each and everyone of you to get all of Dr. Tony V. Lewis’ writings. These books and materials are life changing. Dr. Lewis is the president and founder of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary in Houston, TX. With a graduating alumnus that spans the entire globe. You will be enlightened and taken on a journey of theological insights and truths that will change your lives, families, churches and ministries for the rest of your lives.”

Dr. Kevin G. Hall, President & Founder,
Redeemed International Ministries