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Dr. Tony V. Lewis

Dr. Tony V. Lewis is a native of Houston, Texas, raised in the 5th Ward and Acres Homes.  He answered the call to the ministry of the Gospel in 1992. He has served in Music Ministry and as an assistant pastor.  Dr. Lewis is an enthusiastic student of the Bible, it’s original languages, exegetical preaching and teaching. He has a heart for the Christian education and spiritual growth of children, youth, young adults and growing families.

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Hot off the press are Dr. Tony’s 3 latest books that are sure to be an invaluable resource to your spiritual growth and development.  Be sure to order your copies today!!!

The Wife
He Wants

Let’s be clear. This is not yet another chauvinistic how-to manual designed to inflict more pressure on, and anxiety in women or the men who love them. Relationships are serious business. Beyond the initial giddiness, heart palpitations, syrupy declarations, and grand promises, there’s work to do by both parties. People matter…..

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The Message and the Messenger

The Message and the Messenger” may be the first and last book you will need on basic sermon preparation. Written from a scholarly but pastoral perspective, Dr. Tony V. Lewis, President of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary, provides a great concise guide in preparing not only the sermon, but the preacher, for a lifetime of ministerial service from the pulpit…..

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In his book “Word Potential”, Dr. Tony V. Lewis opens our hearts and minds to the endless possibilities of the Word of God and presents a thought-provoking message of transparency.  Word Potential is a kingdom jewel every born again believer should own as part of their ministry library.  The potential of our words shape the world in which we live…..

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